Objectives of digitalization

The digitalization of education is based on a new type of teaching and learning, and on facilitating new pedagogical solutions. Digital technology is linked to children’s and young people’s learning process in a pedagogically meaningful way in order to enrich it. Information technology is an important tool for learning, thinking, data acquisition and processing, self-production and cooperation.

pienet oppilaat


The objectives of the digitalization of education in Helsinki are the following:

  1. to promote and secure the necessary good learning needed in the information society for children, pupils and students – facing the future with information technology, 
  2. to develop the teachers' pedagogic and digital skills and the principals’ and day care directors’ pedagogic and change management,
  3. to empower day care centres, schools and educational institutions to be innovative developers of teaching and learning,
  4. to change the pedagogical operating culture into a culture promoting openness, participation and sharing through networks,
  5. to turn physical teaching facilities into multifunctional and modifiable facilities,
  6. to expand the learning environment to span the entire city,
  7. to increase the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of education, and
  8. to make Helsinki an innovative trial city for education.