Innovative trials

The City of Helsinki empowers all day care centers, schools and educational institutions to develop their own digital operating culture and innovate future school structures and pedagogical solutions.

Implementing the education digitalization program is based on agile development and pupil- and teacher-centered innovative trials in every school. The forerunners of digitalization are the trial schools that develop good, functional practices that are available to all other schools, as well. During the school year 2016–17, innovative trials of new pedagogy and digitalization were started in altogether 70 schools and educational institutions. Each trial school focuses on a single developmental theme.

The phenomenon-based school

The focus of the study is on comprehensive real-world phenomena (e.g. human, EU, media, etc.) which naturally combine different subjects. The phenomena will be analysed together and the learners will produce information about them, under the instruction of the teacher.

The portfolio school

Pupils will gather, process and produce information for their own online portfolios, which will be like an online school bag or folder. This will make the pupil’s learning process and development visible.

The school with no schoolbooks

Electronic learning materials will be used in teaching and learning. These electronic materials can include animations, videos, simulations and multimedia presentations, in addition to more traditional texts.

The school-less school

The classrooms and different learning spaces will be furnished as modern working environments, and pupils will no longer sit in rows. The learning environment will also expand beyond the school building into the surrounding society.

The school with no school desks

Learning will not be organized according to traditional lessons, with school timetables or according to classrooms. Learning can take place in workshops, projects or even through vocational training in practice enterprise operations, for example. The school’s own innovative, systematic development target which involves all teachers and learners.

Oivalluksia esiopetuksesta varhaiskasvatukseen (Insights from preschool to early education)

In 2015–2018, early education and preschool units have been implementing the Oivalluksia esiopetuksesta varhaiskasvatukseen (Insights from preschool to early education) project. Together with the staff of preschool and early education, approaches and learning environments that make use of information and communications technology have been developed to increase children’s participation, and the media pedagogy skills of early educators and the development of children’s multi-literacy have been strengthened.