Devices and software

The information management services of the City of Helsinki Education Division are responsible for all the division’s procurements related to information technology.  The information technology procurements of the division are public and can be viewed on the city’s website.

The staff of the Education Division make all information technology orders through the division’s information management services. All contracts on pilot trials for new devices and software are also made with the division’s information management services. You will find contact information and detailed procurement instructions in the city’s Helmi intranet.

The ICT development services of the information management services are responsible for the following:
• services related to the development of the core operations in cooperation with the different departments,
• innovative technology trials,
• information and system architecture,
• ICT project portfolio and projects,
• ICT portfolio management,
• contract management and
• IT procurement budgeting, coordination and technical definition.


Please note! If you are having trouble with ICT devices, please contact the help desk directly. Find their contact information here.